Download WhatsApp for PC and Improve Your Texting Experience

All of us are in a constant need of being connected to their friends and family even though our time is limited due to the amount of work we have daily. Thanks to the large number of instant messaging applications that are available on the market we now have the opportunity to keep in touch with all our close ones without too much effort. And which is the most well-known app on the market? Many would say WhatsApp, especially now, when there is the possibility of using WhatsApp for PC.

The truth is that this texting application became extremely famous, not only because it can be used from both Smartphones and computers, but also thanks to the impressive characteristics that it has to offer.

However, the fact that we can use WhatsApp on PC is a big plus when it comes to instant messaging applications since it brings more advantages that having to exploit the mobile devices all the time. Not only that we can protect the battery of our Smartphones, but communicating through text messages becomes easier when we use a PC.

At this moment, there is a large number of people who already gave up their mobile phones in favor to their computers when it comes to instant messaging, but, assuming that many of you are still newbies and lack information regarding how to download WhatsApp for PC, here is exactly what you must do:


Use a Supportive Software and Run WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp-Desktop-Client-587x440-35ed4b65a3db69dbThe first information you have to take in consideration before beginning the WhatsApp for PC free download is that the whole process is possible through an Android emulator software. The software allows you not only to run this instant messaging application, but also to use many other Android apps and games on your computer.

In regards to choose an Android emulator, you must know that Bluestacks appears to be the most used, being considered the best. However, there are people who chose other applications, such as YouWave or Android SDK. However, even though you have more than one option, it seems advisable to choose BlueStacks not only because it is considered to be the best Android emulator, but also because it can be downloaded free of charge.

Therefore, once you decided to use WhatsApp for Windows or Mac, you can rapidly and without any difficulty get Bluestacks App Player in order to begin running not only the texting app you desire, but also other Android applications that you are interested it.


Download WhatsApp for PC in 5 Easy Steps

Once you brought the Android experience to your computer through Bluestacks, you can begin the free WhatsApp on PC download, just by following 5 easy steps correctly:

Step 1: After you downloaded and installed the Android emulator, you must download WhatsApps APK file.

Step 2: Double Click on Downloaded WhatsApp APK file and the application will start to install.

Step 3: As soon as step 2 has been completed, you should go to BlueStacks and open WhatsApp. The icon you are looking for can be easily seen in My Apps.

Step 4: Accept Terms and Conditions and type your Mobile Number in the Field.

Step 5: You will receive a verification code via SMS or voice call. After waiting for 2 minutes, you must enter the code in order to complete the WhatsApp for PC download.


How to Configure WhatsApp for PC

Once you accomplished downloading WhatsApp for PC, you must begin to configure the application in order to begin communicating with your close ones. Therefore, in order to be able to begin texting from your computer, you must take in consideration the following steps, which will allow you to finish configuring the app:

Step 1: Begin by selecting your country from the list and enter your country code and phone number.

Step 2: A message with a digit code for verification will be sent to your number, and all you must do is to type the code in the case that you will see on your screen.

Step 3: At this moment you can begin editing your details, since WhatsApp for computer is ready for you to use.



Add Your Contacts to WhatsApp on PC

As you probably know if you already use this texting app on your mobile device, the contact list is added automatically. Unfortunately, if you decided to use WhatsApp on Windows or Mac, this is not possible, and you have to add your contacts manually. So, here is what you should do:

Step 1: Click on the left side option button

Step 2: A menu will appear, and you must select the fourth option and then, the second one.

Step 3: Your contact list will be shown, and you must click on Add new contact.

Step 4: Fill up the contact details (name, number) and your contact is added.

Once everything written above is correctly completed, you are ready to start using WhatsApp for PC in order to communicate with all your friends who are already communicating through this application. Enjoy it, folks!

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