Download Doodle Jump for PC: Step-By-Step Guide

Doodle Jump is a great game that has managed to win the hearts of millions of users around the world. The cute characters, cartoon-style locations, and simple gameplay make it one of the most downloaded and played games in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. As you can see, the game was initially developed for Android and iOS devices, but now, we can easily install Doodle Jump on PC.

In order to have an idea about this game, here is what it is all about. Well, the game is all about jumping, and being able to stay on the platforms. It might sound pretty simple, but because of all the obstacles that you encounter on your way, it is actually pretty hard. As long as you avoid obstacles or shoot them, you can make your way through levels. Doodle Jump is quite engaging especially through its graphics: you will love the funny cartoon character that is able to enjoy your day.


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The locations are also very nice, picturesque and bright. This is why millions of people choose to install Doodle Jump on a computer or a Smartphone.

Moreover, you can get different levels with special themes such as X-Mas, Halloween, the space or the jungles. Initially, Doodle Jump was released for Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Java. Now, we also have the possibility to download Doodle Jump for PC, and play the game for free on our computers.

Now, in order to succeed, you need to pay attention to the game play. It might seem simple, but you need to give a special attention to the basic controls which can help the character jump as high as possibly by switching from one platform to another.

It is worth mentioning the fact that through time, you will meet obstacles such as monsters, flying soccers, black holes, and many others. The higher you jump, the more points you score. In order to download Doodle Jump on your computer, just follow the steps indicated bellow.


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Step-By-Step Guide to Install Doddle Jump on PC

Step 1: Download free Android emulator for using and installing Android apps and games on PC. In this case, you can choose Bluestacks, one of the most downloaded Android emulator available on the market. The emulator is less demanding than other emulators, and the most important is that it is completely free of charge for download.

Therefore, download and install Bluestacks on your computer. You also need a working internet connection to download the software.


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Step 2: The next step is to launch Bluestacks and, using the Search option, search for Doodle Jump game. Among the found links, choose the one you want to download. Click on the install button and wait until the game is downloaded and installed. This might take a few minutes, but afterwards, you will be able to play Doodle Jump right on your computer in a free manner.

It is important to mention the fact that you will also need to launch Bluestacks each time you want to play the game.

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