Download Glow Hockey for PC with Bluestacks

Glow Hockey, developed by Natenai Ariyatrakool, is a high-definition and addictive air hockey game developed for Android smartphones. The game features colorful touch paddled and a puck which needs to be hit in order to give points. Despite the fact that it was designed for Android smartphones, we are now able to download and install Glow Hockey on PC, completely free of charge.

The game also provides a two player system by split screen, which means that two users can play the game on a single device. In the case of the PC version, the two player system will be dividing the keyboard into two. Glow Hockey is actually unique in what concerns the design and layout. It is very easy, but in the same time, not that easy to master. There are so many computer opponents that can really challenge your skills.  The graphics of this app are actually good, and they are all glow graphics, using very strong and vivid colors.

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The flow of the game is responsive and smooth, and it follows the realistic physics. There are Quick Play modes with four different difficulties levels, but they are available only on the single player option. There are various choices for pucks and paddles that you can select while playing, and the app even has a neat little feature where when you score, the devices vibrates. But this happens only in the case of smartphones.

As you can see, this game might seem pretty simple and easy, but in fact, it is actually pretty engaging and addictive. Especially when you play the two-player option, you will definitely want to play more in order to beat your opponent. But, the game play is simple: score as many points as you can in the respective time frame in order to win the game.

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Download Glow Hockey on Your Computer

Now, regarding the possibility to download, install and play Glow Hockey on PC, there are some simple steps you need to take into consideration before starting the process itself. First of all, you will need to download an Android emulator, which will act as an interface between your computer and the mobile games and apps.  For this, it is recommended to choose Bluestacks, a famous yet very effective emulator, which is completely free for download. However, it is worth mentioning the fact that this Android emulator requires at least 2 GB of RAM on your computer to work.

Follow the steps indicated bellow, and you will be able to play Glow Hockey right on your desktop computer or laptop.

Step 1: As I mentioned above, you will need to download and use Bluestacks, the Android emulator for this job. You can download the emulator from their official websites, where you need a stable internet connection, or you can choose Bluestacks offline installer, which does not require connection to the internet. Download Bluestacks and install it on your Windows or Mac computer.

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Step 2: Once the emulator is installed on your personal computer, use the search option in the upper right corner and search for Glow Hockey. When you find a game, click on the Install button in the right of the app, and wait a couple of minutes until the game is downloaded and installed.

This is all. Now, you will be able to play Glow Hockey right on your computer, in the same manner as you played it on your Smartphone. You can also use the two-player system when playing.

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