Download Line for PC Easy and Free of Charge

As people prefer texting instead of calling, more and more instant messaging applications seem to be appearing. One of the newest apps that appears to be conquering people all over the world is Line. This is a Japanese application that is available not only for most operating systems of mobile devices, but it can also be installed on computers.

Even though the application is not as old as other, it might be considered a real competitor for all instant messaging apps, as it has a great number of features that appear to be appealing for most users.

What is very important when it comes to downloading Line for PC, is that, unlike when installing other instant messaging apps created to run on Android, you don’t need to download any third-party software.

The reason why, as described in the previous article, in order to get WhatsApp for PC, WeChat, to download BBM for PC or other android apps, you need an Android emulator is because, in that case, there is no official release, and in order to make your computer run Android Apps, you need Bluestacks or other supportive softwares. Well, with downloading and installing Line on PC there is a different story, since this application has an official PC Version available.


Line Messenger Features

As stated above, this application is a difficult competitor for many instant messaging applications, since it brings great features to all users who decide to install Line on their computers. Regarding the characteristics, allow me to inform you that, besides all the features any instant messaging app offers, this Japanese application lets its users do free Calls and Video Calls through your webcam.

In addition, this instant messaging application seems to be continuously developing new tools in order to permit its users to communicate with close ones in different manners.  For example, the app comes with Line Snap Movie to record your own video clips.

How to Download Line on Your Computer

Now, that you are aware of what are the features brought by this Japanese app, you should know exactly how to get it.  As stated above, the app has an official version for computer; therefore, downloading it is a lot easier than with the other apps.

So, in order to get this app, you must click on the official download Line for PC link. Once the app is downloaded, all you must do is to follow the instruction that appear on your screen and the installation will be completed in no time.

Well, this is all you must do in order to complete the procedure. I told you from the beginning that this process will be easier than installing other apps which need supportive software in order to function. Now, all you have to do is begin chatting with those friends who are also using this application, by texting them, sending them images, emoticons, stickers and don’t forget about  the option “Call free” that allows you to call the contacts in your list free of charge.

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