Download WhatsApp for PC Web Client – Official Version

Whatsapp, the famous cross-platform messenger, has finally released a web client version of its popular platform for computers, but there are a couple of limitations that will prevent many users from having access to it.

Until this time, the only way in which we were able to use Whatsapp for PC was only through a third-party app, an Android emulator, which works as an interface between the mobile application and a computer. Now, there is no need to install third-party apps in order to get Whatsapp for Windows because an official solution is available.

Whatsapp Web Version is not a software piece you download and install on your computer. This new feature will work only on Google Chrome, and it is completely web-based feature, which means that there is no need to download or install any program on your computer. Currently, Chrome is the only web client that supports the Whatsapp web extension.

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Unfortunately, Apple device users have been left aside for a while since Apple’s “platform limitations” prevent Whatsapp from offering the new web client for users. However, this is only temporary since Whatsapp will solve this problem.

To make Whatsapp for Web work on your computer, you will have to scan the QR code that is available on the official website. In case this seems a little bit confusing, here are the exact steps you need to take in order to use Whatsapp on Windows or Mac computers.

How to Use Whatsapp for Web – Windows 7/8/XP & Mac

In order to have access to the web client of Whatsapp, you will need to have Whatsapp Messenger installed and verified with SMS and phone number on your smartphone device first.

Step 1: Make sure you upgrade your Whatsapp Messenger first. You need to have Whatsapp v.2.11.498 or above. For this, just visit Play Store and update Whatsapp.

Step 2: Open Google Chrome browser and head over to Here, you will be able to see the QR code I mentioned above. Keep in mind that the official Whatsapp web client works only on Google Chrome and not on IE or Mozilla.

Step  3: Open Whatsapp Messenger on your smartphone and go to Menu. Usually, it is the three dotted button in the left corner. Here, select “Whatsapp Web”.

Step  4: At this point, you will be given the option to scan the code. Place your device with the camera feature in front of your computer to scan the code found on Whatsapp’s official page.

Step 5: Click on “OK, GOT IT” and let the scanning process start.

Step 6: In a few seconds, your Whatsapp history and account will be transferred to Whatsapp Web on Google Chrome browser.

Basically, this is only the mirror image of your Whatsapp Mobile version. In fact, all of your conversations will appear on the web client, and what you type there, it will be displayed on the mobile version of the app.

whatsapp web client

Advantages of Using Whatsapp for Desktop Official Version

As expected, there are a couple of advantages that the new Whatsapp Web option gives us.

  • We can finally use Whatsapp on PC, which is a feature we have all expected for a while now.
  • There is no need to scan the QR code each time you want to visit the web client of Whatsapp. This is only a first-time setup, and your account will remain logged in until you manually log off.
  • You have the ability to type really fast since you make use of a bigger keyboard and a bigger screen.
  • Images and videos will be displayed at a bigger resolution and faster than ever.

Disadvantages of Using Whatsapp Web Client

Since everything has its bad parts as well, here are a couple of disadvantages that Whatsapp for computers is bringing:

  • It is not available for iPhone or iOS users.
  • It is only a mirror of your Whatsapp Mobile Messenger, with no autonomy of its own. This means that nothing is stored on the PC. You can view attachments, but they will be available later only if you specifically download them.
  • All chats and messages you are writing on the Web desktop version appear live on the spot on your Whatsapp for Smartphone.
  • It is important to mention the fact that Whatsapp will now require double data to work: one from the web version and other from your phone.
  • One important aspect of using Whatsapp Web version on a public computer, such as work or school, is the permanent login. Do not forget to manually log off because everybody will have access to your account.
  • Some app features are not available. For instance, you cannot delete or forward messages; you cannot create groups or even leave existing groups.

As you see, Whatsapp for PC is now officially available with the Chrome extension of the service. It works perfectly on any Chrome version, as long as the user has the latest version of Whatsapp installed on the mobile device.


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