Install & Download WhatsApp for iPad Air: Step-by-Step Tutorial

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging application, at this moment. Many people already have it installed on their Smartphones, and a large number of people also use WhatsApp for PC.

However, the limitations of WhatsApp makes it impossible for users to download it on most tablets and some PCs. Until now, this application can be downloaded and used on certain 3g Android tablets that allow phone calls.

Therefore, of you own iPad or iPod touch you cannot have WhatsApp installed. But, even if it is impossible at a first glance, there is a possibility for you to use WhatsApp for iPad and iPod touch.

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In this article, I will present you the steps you must follow in order to succeed and download WhatsApp on your iPad, but before beginning the tutorial allow me to tell you what you need.

First of all, you need an iPad or an iPod, a Mac or Windows PC and an iPhone. Secondly, you must know that the instant messaging application only runs on a smart device which has a working SIM card installed in it. In addition, you must be aware of the fact that using the same SIM card or phone number on more than one phone, makes it impossible for WhatsApp to function. This means that, if you already use WhatsApp on your Smartphone, you need a different SIM card or phone number, in order to have it on your tablet as well. Of course, you can also choose to deactivate the application on your Smartphone. It is your choice.

Install WhatsApp on Your iPad in 7 Steps

All these being said, let’s begin the tutorial. So, here are the steps you must follow in order to download and install WhatsApp for iPad:

Step 1: Assuming that you have a new SIM card, insert in your iPhone, download WhatsApp and install it. Follow the procedure on the screen and complete the registration. If you want to use the same number, you go directly to step 2.

Step 2: Now, you must transfer WhatsApp on your iPad. In order to do that, you need an application called iFunBox. This file manager is available for Windows and Mac OS platforms. What you must do is download and install it. All that must be done is to install WhatsApp on your iPad and transfer the database from the iPhone to the iPad.

Step 3: Check if you have iTunes installed on your PC or Mac and then connect the iPhone to the PC and run iFunBox. The application will recognize the device and open it. Now you must sync your iPhone with iTunes. You must do this because the software must back up the apps from the iPhone to the computer.

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Step 4: Now you need WhatsApp app file (.ipa) so that you can install it on your iPad.Since you cannot download WhatsApp from iTunes, you must copy the WhatsApp.IPA file from the folder where iTunes stores the data to the desktop. Once you completed copying it, you should start iFunBox.

Step 5: Now you must copy the iPhone WhatsApp’s database to the desktop.What you are supposed to do is to copy two folders to your PC’s desktop. Therefore, after selecting the folders ‘Documents’ and ‘Library’, hit the ‘Copy to PC’ button from the menu bar.

Step 6: After you copied WhatsApp app and database, remove the SIM card from the iPhone and then uninstall WhatsApp from it.

Step 7: Connect the iPad or an iPod to the PC, run iFunBox and install WhatsApp to the iPad, by hitting the ‘Install App’ button in the menu bar. Go where you saved the WhatsApp.IPA file, install it and copy the database from your desktop to the iPad. All you have left to do now is to go to the same location as the iPhone to get to the WhatsApp folder. You must delete the folders ‘Documents’ and ‘Library’ in order to replace them with the ones from your desktop.

And now you are done! You can begin using WhatsApp for iPad since it has been successfully installed!

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