How to Get Telegram for PC Free of Charge

In the present, people seem to prefer sending messages to each other instead of having real conversation. This might not be great for any of us, but it is something that makes developers create more and more instant messaging applications. The truth is that, if until a while ago people used to text their friends and family from their mobile device, not many instant messaging apps’ users appear to be eager to get them on their computer as well. This is the reason applications like WhatsApp for PC became available.

Even if WhatsApp for PC seems to be the most famous of all, there are more Android apps which can be downloaded on your computer and that are extremely popular and useful. Today, I will tell you how to get Telegram for PC, an application that many of you already have on their mobile.

The reason Telegram became so popular among instant messaging fans is represented by the amazing features the app comes with. Regarding the way it works, I can say that it is similar to most texting applications available in the market. That means that, in order to use Telegram on PC you must register with your phone number. As soon as you finished registering, you will be able to se all your contacts who are already using Telegram for computer or mobile device.


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Regarding the features, I must say that the app is similar to WeChat for PC, and of course WhatsApp, having most features that these apps come with. However, until this moment, Telegram doesn’t have any option of voice messaging. Otherwise, downloading Telegram will allow you to send audio, video, images and any other file in the community, which is a distinguishing feature of the application. While with other apps like Hike for PC you can send videos, audio and images but you have a size limit, running Telegram for computer enables you to sent files with a limit of 1 GB, which is much more than the others allow.

How to Download Telegram for PC

If you are interested in getting Telegram, you should know that this is an iOS and Android application. This means that, until this moment, it has not been officially launched for Windows, Mac and other OS. However, the possibility to download the app exists since you can bring the Android experience to your PC by downloading and installing Bluestacks.

Bluestacks is an Android emulator which enables you to download and install Android apps such as Telegram, Viber or Hike on PC. Getting this offline installer involves an extremely easy process but if you encounter any difficulties, I suggest you to check out this article, and find out exactly how to download and install Bluetsacks.

Once you learned how to get the Android emulators, follow the steps bellow and download Telegram:

Step 1: Install Bluestacks.

Step 2: Find Telegram in Bluestacks, in order to download and install it, using the Android emulator.

Step 3: Once you completed installing Telegram on Windows, open and begin using the application.

That is all you must do in order to get this amazing app. Now all you have left is to enjoy chatting with your friends who are also using Telegram! Have fun!


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