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Little Red Riding Hood StoryChime

  • Little Red Riding Hood StoryChime
    By The iPhone Mom, Submitted October 26, 2009

    Story Chime storybook apps that have the great chime sound I remember from books on tape when I was a kid. Those magical chimes that meant it was time to turn the page. Little Red Riding Hood is one of the books in their collection. We enjoyed the illustrations and the narration. They’ve done a good job reading the story with expression and performing the character’s voices.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve read Little Red Riding Hood and I’d forgotten what a silly little girl she was. Hello stranger, let’s just chat in the woods and by the way let me tell you exactly where I’m heading and one last thing, my poor sickly, tasty grandma is stuck in bed and can’t get up. She might as well have just hopped in the wolf’s mouth right there. This version takes a humane approach and granny winds up tied up in the closet instead of in the wolf’s tummy. This means the woodcutter doesn’t have to use his ax to free her. Much easier for the younger readers to take. Well done.

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