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  • The Queen Bee

    By the Brothers Grimm   |    Illustrated by Xenia Latii and Stefan Chavdarov

    The Queen Bee is a tale of three brothers, princes actually, who couldn’t be more different. The youngest and simplest of the bunch sets out in search of his much more adventurous brothers.

    His brothers find him something of a nuisance, and simple too! They tease and bully him the whole journey until they arrive at an enchanted castle that’s been turned to stone.

    They are given three challenges to complete to restore the castle to its original beauty, and whoever completes all three tasks will be rewarded with the princess’ hand in marriage. Simpleton finds a way to beat the odds and break the enchantment, living happily ever after.

    Additional Credits:

    Performed by Brooke Lenzi and Nick Stellate
    Music: “Reminds me of home”
    Performed by William Rottman
    Written by Gail Vareilles, Larry Dvoskin and Tommy Faragher

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