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  • By Hans Christian Andersen    |    Illustrated by Mariah Grace

    The Red Shoes revolves around the story of a poor orphan girl who longs to be more and want more from life. She’s spent most of her life living in rags until one day while walking through the kingdom in the forest, a carriage pulls over. It’s the Queen as luck would have it! The Queen, however, wasn’t there to pick up orphaned girls, but rather to bestow a gift. She gave to the orphan a pair of red shoes – magical shoes – with a warning. All the while, the princess traveling with the Queen looked quite happy.

    The orphan couldn’t wait to wear the shoes into town that very night. She came to discover that they had a price. The red shoes she coveted had a mind of their own. Once she started to dance, the shoes didn’t quite. Only a handsome soldier in the Queen’s army came to her rescue, before she collapsed. From that moment all she could think about was how to get back to her true love. The upcoming Royal Ball was the perfect place to find him she thought! Of course, the prettiest thing she owned were the pretty red shoes. She did meet the handsome soldier again, the shoes did still have a mind of their own, but in the end all was right. They kissed and did live happily ever after.


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    Read along with text or by yourself
    Page Index (go directly to your favorite page)
    Bookmark (picks up where you left off)
    Karaoke style text (highlights as you read along)
    Flash Cards (reading comprehension)
    Background music on/off
    Automatic or manual page turn
    3D page turn provides a tactile “feel”
    Beautiful illustrations
    Great music accompanies each story
    Enhanced with sound FX
    Automatic start over at the end of the story

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