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  • When Words Dream

    By elementary school children   |   Illustrated by Esau Andrade & Guadalupe Valencia

    WHEN WORDS DREAM is a painting and poetry book. It incorporates poems written by children with illustrations by the Mexican artists Esaú Andrade and Guadalupe Valencia. The poems were generated in an art workshop held at the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles. The poetry workshop that resulted in this amazing book was one of a series of handson community outreach programs designed and developed by Mercedes Gertz and Nora Suárez to bring artists and inner city children together in mutually enriching creative ways. This poetry workshop was designed and conducted by critic and writer, Marlena Doktorczyk-Donohue from poetry workshops she has given to children and adults in various settings.



    Additional Credits:

    English Version Performed by Mark Hengst and Brooke Lenzi
    Spanish Version Performed by Nicolas Gurria Sanchez and Ana Cecilia Reyes Flores
    Music: “Lullabye”
    Performed by Joe Pistoresi
    Written by Joe Pistoresi

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